Is the Wooden Patio/Deck at Home Obsolete? Soon ‘Update’ Right Now!

The existence of a wooden terrace at home will make the shelter look more earthy and comfortable to live in. But, over time, of course, this wooden terrace becomes increasingly obsolete. The color is starting to fade. It can even happen and some parts are scratched and cracked. Besides needing care and maybe a renovation, it’s time for your wooden terrace to be renewed. You can call the Indianapolis deck builders for the best patio and deck service for your terrace and outdoor area.

Basic Treatment of Wooden Terrace

The wooden terrace at home will return to normal if you routinely do basic maintenance. Routine maintenance that must be carried out includes repainting, oil coating, and drying. Repainting needs to be done at least every 2 years. This aims to keep the wooden terrace has a good color. Oil coating can use sealers and special wood stains. It can also use kitchen ingredients that contain natural oils, such as coconut pulp or coffee grounds.

Lubrication needs to be done at least once a month, especially so that the wood does not dry and crack. Meanwhile, drying is very important during humid air and rainy season. If necessary, cover the terrace with a wide tarp or parachute during the rainy season. Also avoid objects that can make wood wet, such as pots without a base. Maintaining and maintaining this parquet floor is not only for the exterior area but also for the interior.

Not only must be maintained, but the terrace of wood material must also be beautiful with the addition of railing.

The Addition of Wooden Terrace Railing

The railing is a small fence that limits the terrace to the yard. The railing must also be available as a safety on the upper terrace or balcony of the house. So that the wooden terrace does not look too shabby, use modern minimalist railings or traditional ethnic-style railings. The wood material is suitable for all types of styles. But, also adjust the overall interior style of the house.

How do you reduce the exposure to sunlight on wood material while at the same time beautifying the porch?

Plants Around a Wooden Terrace

One way to protect terraces with material on wooden floors is to put plants around them. Ornamental plants that are high enough will protect the wood from the sun. The presence of plants around it also makes the atmosphere of your home’s exterior look more integrated with nature. Some choices of plants suitable for terraces with wooden floors include tongue-in-law, pandanus Bali, rain lily, yellow broccoli, and other similar ornamental plants. But make sure the selected ornamental plants are not high, a maximum of about 1 meter. It could also add vegetable and fruit vines as an alternative to the canopy on the terrace.