5 Simple Ways to Make Your Commercial Space Greener

Control water usage

Reducing the amount of water the commercial space uses is another way to become greener. Installing taps that limit the amount of water staff can use can help as some people don’t realise how much they waste. If them seems like an excessive step, adding signs above taps can always work as a friendly reminder to not waste water.

Buy in Bulk

The first thing that comes to mind when considering buying in bulk is saving money, but it also a good way to be green. Ordering workplace products in smaller quantities means that deliveries along with fuel consumption are more regular. Listing off everything the commercial property is going to need monthly and buying as much as you can make a great difference, more and more clothing retailers are trying to do this to reduce their carbon footprint, and now, more businesses are following suit.

Watch the thermostat

When you switch energy suppliers you can realise that heat consumption in a office can be very excessive at times, one person might be cold and turn the heating up, while another is too warm and opens a window, letting all that energy out. Assessing the office and whether the thermostat can be turned down to save energy might seem like a small change, but combine it with everything else, things are going to get much greener.

Utilise power-saving settings and sleep mode

Not all electrical can be switched off at the end of the day, but you can still reduce their output. Machinery and other electricals that can’t simply be switched off may have energy-saving modes that need to be used each time they aren’t in use.

Engage with your employees

Let employee’s know this is important to you and the business. Ethically it’s the right way to move and getting your business to do the small part makes a big difference all over the world. Monitoring all the new ideas you implement is the key to keeping your staff engaged and wanting to do their bit. Letting them know they can come to you with new ethical ideas is a great way to let them know you’re interested and want this to be the way the business moves forward.

Saving money and offering a more proactive approach to your business aren’t the only benefits for making these changes. The more other businesses and potential customers see you’re going with green energy suppliers the more likely they are to continue to deal with you.